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Hi I'm Bethan

Award Winning Change-Maker and Social Entrepreneur

I am looking for future leaders of a new breed. Leaders to show the world how good life is supposed to be, not how hard we can work and how much we can sacrifice to get there. Todays true leaders are redefining success, evolving past business models and creating conscious companies that look after it's people, society and the planet - not destroying them. Leaders who are pushing the boundaries on human potential, working smarter not harder and breaking through the barriers and glass ceilings put in our way from the old ways of doing business. YES WE CAN HAVE IT ALL - CAREER, FAMILY, WEALTH AND HEALTH - THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.

Empowering a New Type of Leader in Manchester and London

High Flying Women is a personal development network where you can meet and develop strong relationships with other like-minded women. Together we are stronger, wiser and we can get where we want to go quicker by learning from each others successes and failures. If you are ready to feel powerful, belonging, valuable and confident then you have found us at the right time. Change starts with every individual who cares enough to commit to it.  It all starts with us - to make changes out there in the world in pursuit of a thriving society we must also pursue our own version of thriving so we have the energy to be the leaders we want to be. Because when we feel good, our energy levels are higher and we become the best version of ourselves. When we are the best version of ourselves we become unstoppable, we become change-makers.

Breaking down the barriers

High Flying Women can liberate you on so many levels. All those internal doubts and fears that hold you back, the external barriers you feel you have no control over such as money and time that hinder our growth. There are 3 steps to HAVING IT ALL but the foundation is your commitment to a better life and a better future for you, your family and future generations. We only get one life, so I don't know about you, but I don't intend to waste a second of it!


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Bethan Jepson

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3 steps to 'Have it all'

Mental Freedom

Develop the self awareness and resilience to first of all identify what beliefs and doubts are holding you back and then you can limit their influence over you. It will feel like a fog lifting and that you are finally free to step forward into your potential with no fear.

Financial Freedom

Whether we class ourselves as money motivated or not, money gives us choices, freedom, the ability to make a difference in the world and control of our own destinies. Whether you can believe it now or not, there are simple ways you can earn additional income or maximise your current income stream.

Time Freedom

Time scarcity is the main challenge I hear from people who feel they aren't getting what they want from life. We can quite often get stuck in a pattern of always saying yes and spreading ourselves too thin, putting our version of success on the back burner, whether it be family, travel, health or a business idea of your own - we need to realise that time is the one resource we never get back. It is our most valuable asset.