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Looking for a Womens network in Manchester and London? Women empowerment is our mission.

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3 steps to 'Have it all'

Mental Freedom

Develop the self awareness and resilience to first of all identify what beliefs and doubts are holding you back and then you can limit their influence over you. It will feel like a fog lifting and that you are finally free to step forward into your potential with no fear.

Financial Freedom

Whether we class ourselves as money motivated or not, money gives us choices, freedom and control of our own destinies. Whether you can believe it now or not, there are very easy ways you can earn additional income or maximise your current income stream.

Time Freedom

Time scarcity is the main challenge I hear from people who feel they aren't getting what they want from life. If you are spending all hours of the day working for someone else's dream and putting your own on the back burner then it's time to realise that time is the one resource we never get back and you can change this now.

About Us

Connecting Women for Collective Success

Around September 2016 I was researching an article I was writing about the lack of women leaders in law firms when I came across a quote written by Lady Barbara Judge:  “Sometimes it takes a woman to open the door so that another woman would walk through it.”

Shortly after, I started talking to business women specifically about this quote. However, the trends in what these women were saying was not encouraging. For whatever reason, there seemed to be a disconnect, not just between women and their female peers, but also between women and their female employers. 

That’s when I realised that women would never hold 50% of leadership roles if we did not change this. We need the support and knowledge from those who came before us if we are to be brave and break through the glass ceilings ourselves. 

And so High Flying Women was born. A women-only network providing support and development so that we can use our collective voices and be heard. 

Flood the Leadership Pipeline with Women

The goal - to connect women and collectively open as many doors for each other as we can. So instead of one or two women trickling down the leadership pipeline as is happening currently, we can flood the leadership pipeline with women.

I know that this is no simple task, therefore High Flying Women is a membership, a long term initiative with collaboration as the focus. Members will get out of it as much as they give. We want to inspire each other, to push each other, to help each other as much as we can to maximise our potential.

To be initiated into the group, one must attend one of the quarterly High Flying Women events. Our events consist of both skill development workshops to address barriers in the workplace and more social events with relationship building as the focus. Developing meaningful connections is the priority. To take advantage of the amazing calibre of women we do have in the network, we also offer a formal mentoring scheme and have private online platforms so our members can carry on networking following events.

Break Down Barriers

We bring women together to break down barriers. Taking advantage of the networks knowledge and experience, we provide solutions to problems which are tailored to individual circumstances. We give women a judgement-free space to be totally open and honest about what is holding them back.

For the most part, I don’t think a lot of us realise that a barrier exists until suddenly it isn’t there anymore and we see how much progress we can truly make in both in our professional and personal lives without them.

The support, sense of community and focus on skill development that High Flying Women offers, truly allows us to identify the subconscious decisions we make to not do something out of fear. Therefore, we can consciously isolate these moments, these barriers, and take a sledge hammer to them. 

2018 Vision

New Year New Rules

This year is all about providing value to our members. Therefore monthly events will now be members only and they will be more intimate, with only 15-20 people in attendance including business leaders and coaches so that our members can really learn and develop themselves.

Becoming a Member

There will be 4 opportunities throughout the year for women to become members. These will be in the form of larger, quarterly events and you must attend one of these events to become admitted into the membership. Refer to the events section above to see when the next event is coming up.

Finding ways for Women to HAVE IT ALL

This is our theme for the year and all events will tie into this. Read the blog below to understand what I mean by HAVING IT ALL. I'm not talking about work life balance, we're tossing that phrase in the bin because it does not serve us as women. But I believe I have found something that will...