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Case Study: How I turned my network into a 6-figure business

The first thing I learned from my business coach is that if you learn how to sell and you learn how to market, you will never go hungry. 

I think sometimes it's easier to believe that as long as we do a good job for our clients or the businesses we work for that we will be financially secure, however in reality, the fast evolution of the market and the rising cost of living means that the majority of us are actually financially insecure and only one pay check away from trouble. Redundancy, sickness or an unexpected injury can ultimately hit us at any time. Whether we are employed or self employed, if we don't know how to make our own money predictably and consistently, our future will always be in someone else's hands.

I had this stark realisation when I was in employment working for a small business where we were constantly battling the unpredictable nature of people and the market. I found myself at 23, highly educated with a masters degree, but very commercially uneducated and I felt like my success was in the hands of people and conditions that I had no control over.

In comparison, my brother who was very commercially educated (he has been studying entrepreneurs and investing money in the stock market since he was a teenager) progressed through a global corporate business from a local sales role to the global head of sales and member of the board in less than 4 years - he has just turned 28 years old and he gets to travel the world, earning hundreds of thousands, in complete control of his position in the company. The majority of promotions he has negotiated for himself because his commercial value gives him leverage - he is in complete control and is an expert in making money both for himself and for any business he works for.

Fundamentally, how we feels matters more than what we do and it was only when I started looking at my own skill-set and investing in my commercial value that I started to feel in control of my life and empowered to help others do the same. Investing in my skill-set and my personal development liberated me from all the doubts and fears that had always held me back and kept me stuck. Mentally freeing myself then allowed me to make the brave decisions I needed to make and come up with creative business ideas which fulfil my ethos of giving back to society whilst living my best life.

Now, I continually invest in my education as new technologies evolve and as market conditions change. I simply decided to redirect the money I would usually spend on a ski holiday each year into my skillset and development, and in less than 9 months of doing so I was able to quit my job, monetise my passion and now turnover £10,000 in revenue each month.

I have developed an authentic sales strategy to provide value to my network and as such I get to live a life of my own design. 

I took the advice of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs (Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, JT Foxx etc.) and have implemented a creative approach to uncapping my wealth potential and using the same business and sales strategies to generate passive income alongside my business income.

The way we make money should be fun, fulfilling and benefit the world and I want to help you find your individual path to do this.

3 ways you can increase your financial potential

The Sales Academy

An online training resource to improve the way you sell yourself, your products or your services. Whether you are employed or self employed and you need training on crafting an authentic sales strategy, overcoming fear around money and selling, increasing your commercial value and taking control of your financial security.

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Business / career coaching

If you lack clarity, need accountability or feel you are holding yourself back in some way (whether in your business or in your career)  let's have a 30 minute strategy call, set some goals and craft a solution that works for you. A combination of business coaching and mindset coaching will free your mind from blocks so you can be courageous, creative and inspire as a leader.

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Want a side hustle

If you are interested in taking control of your time and money but you don't have a business idea you are confident to quit your job for - Let's have a chat about a possible side hustle. Whether this be a source of passive income for you to slowly build over time or something to develop which can eventually become a full time business for you. We can explore these options together. 

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Strategy Call Testimonials


 “Bethan is amazingly responsive and dynamic, she was able to help kick start a new focus for my career path. Her ability to help shape growth and people management is unfettered”


  "Thank you so much for your time today Bethan,

Your call was informative and transformational and I cannot wait to start your coaching programme to help me find my inner warrior queen! In such a short time you identified those things holding me back and causing me pain and heartache but also helped me to realise that change can happen and I am the root to that change to reach the contentment and success I desire - with your help of course! Thank you again. The journey is just beginning.”


 "Thank you so much for our exploratory coaching call. It was so interesting; in less than 15 minutes you lead me into insights into why I feel the fear in the situation we discussed and the simple strategy to deal with it was so illuminating. This was probably the most beneficial conversation I have had all year."


 "I joined High Flying Women back in August 2017. I came into the group with very little self-confidence when it came to my career. I could never stand up and take control because I didn't really know how to. I had fallen into a career in recruitment and just plodded along with absolutely no idea where I wanted to be in 5 years time. HFW gave me both the knowledge and the confidence to take control of my life and the drive to push my career forward. It made me realise that I didn't have to settle for something that deep down I knew wasn't right, just because that's what I had done for so long. I have now jumped head first out of my comfort zone and have achieved my dream job and dream career that I am certain I wouldn't have done if I hadn't have met Bethan and become a part of HFW. The amazing network of strong and inspirational women has been an absolutely vital part of my last year and I am so excited to see what the next year holds for me and this incredible network!"


 "I had a coaching call from Bethan and by the end of the 30 minute call she had helped me put a few things into perspective. I was amazed at her ability to help me to dig deeper to uncover what the actual underlying problems are. I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut in my career and with Bethan’s help I will now be able to look at everything from a different angle which will allow me to stop holding myself back."


 “As an insanely busy working mum constantly striving to achieve the “perfect” (what is the meaning of that word, anyway?) balance between excelling in my legal career and being a good mum/wife/friend etc, the idea of a coaching session with Bethan sounded like something I should make probably time for. I was right. I expected that she would give some useful tips and ideas on what I might do differently to make my life a bit easier (and, hey, any advice welcome there!) or more focused. What I didn’t expect though is that the session would actually help me to discover why I do things in certain ways and that some of that goes way back to situations and experiences that pre-date motherhood and my career. This is, in turn, means I can understand certain aspects of my personality and how I run my life; not just in career and motherhood but also in other relationships and day to day life. I came away feeling hugely empowered and ready to make some much needed changes. How all this was managed in a mere 45 minutes is beyond me! Thank you, Bethan. You are fantastic at what you. Here’s to a new me!”