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Free Event 17th July...

We want to extend an invitation to every London lady who is looking for community, to learn from others and to feel empowered to pursue their version of success.

Speed networking is a fun way to meet a whole bunch of like-minded women and as always HFW will be providing a helping hand by providing questions and suggested topics to really help us build relationships and feel connected as quickly as possible.

Sometimes it's easy to feel isolated in our professional bubbles but as it turns out, most of the time, we are all thinking the same thing. There is nothing more satisfying than a community who gets it and who wants more. Every change starts with an individual brave enough to question the status quo, inspiring and empowering the collective to speak up too. That is when we become a leader and we help others become leaders too.

There will also be opportunities to give and receive referrals and introductions - collaboration is always high on the agenda.

So bring business cards, bring an inquisitive and collaborative mindset and bring a friend!

We are excited to be collaborating not only with Crowe UK (our fabulous hosts!) but also the charity 'Leadership through Sport and Business.'

This is also the last chance to sample High Flying Women before the membership doors close.

17th July 6-8pm

Crowe UK, St Bride's House, 10 Salisbury House, London, EC4Y 8EH

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Feedback from Previous events


  • “I came to the event hoping to meet just one person who can help me going forwards and I did. What I didn’t expect was the warmth and friendly feel of the whole thing. That was great and made a real change from other things I have been to before. It felt more like a ‘network’ than a networking event – if that makes sense!”
  • “Such an excellent and inspiring idea, so great to get together with a group of women and lift one another up,” 
  • “I liked how interactive the event was and how personal it was without putting anyone on the spot,” 
  • “Brilliant. Thank you. Friendly atmosphere."
  • “Inspirational, amazing and captivating talk. It has thoroughly motivated me to achieve everything I want to this year”
  • "Seriously inspirational talk tonight, feeling empowered!"
  • "Fantastic evening thank you  - starting my morning motivated by purpose and joy, determined to #PressforProgress”