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The Topic...

Success isn't just about climbing the career ladder, it's about the way we feel about our lives on a daily basis. In the grand scheme of things how we feel matters more than what we do. It is also likely that success looks slightly different for us all, so in order to put ourselves on the path to achieving our version of success and be the leaders in our own lives, we must first define what this looks like. From this event we will gain the clarity we need to become the best versions of ourselves, feel fulfilled and successful.

For genuine fulfilment, it's time to scrap the idea that success lies at the top of a pyramid or a ladder. I propose that instead success is a circle - The reason success is a circle is because over time we change, our potential grows and our version of success evolves. A circle also means that we have the freedom to change our minds, because as we grow and evolve, so do our priorities. It also means we can evolve with the changes going on out there in the world. 

The key to the circle theory is that it gives you freedom to choose and I 100% believe that success is tied to your freedom, the feeling that you are in control. This is when we become leaders and change-makers, where having it all can be the new normal.

So join us on the 27th of June as we explore this theory in greater detail and how you can apply it to your own lives. The aim is career success and an empowered life. Yes, we can have it all. 

27th June 6-8pm

Womble Bond Dickinson, 4 More London, Riverside, London, SE1 2AU

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Feedback from Previous events


  • “I came to the event hoping to meet just one person who can help me going forwards and I did. What I didn’t expect was the warmth and friendly feel of the whole thing. That was great and made a real change from other things I have been to before. It felt more like a ‘network’ than a networking event – if that makes sense!”
  • “Such an excellent and inspiring idea, so great to get together with a group of women and lift one another up,” 
  • “I liked how interactive the event was and how personal it was without putting anyone on the spot,” 
  • “Brilliant. Thank you. Friendly atmosphere."
  • “Inspirational, amazing and captivating talk. It has thoroughly motivated me to achieve everything I want to this year”
  • "Seriously inspirational talk tonight, feeling empowered!"
  • "Fantastic evening thank you  - starting my morning motivated by purpose and joy, determined to #PressforProgress”