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18th July 6-8pm,

Kennedys, 56 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 6EU

A FREE event introducing a panel of women living their version of success. High Flying Women's mantra is that we believe in having career success as well as an empowered life and so why not learn from the leaders who have achieved this. Yes - we can have it all.

This group of women all inspire me individually for different reasons. They are true leaders, bringing about positive change and are 'real' models. At this event we will be dissecting how they found their version of success,  what they have to do on a daily basis to live it, what they had to change, the decisions they had to make and what are the next steps in their evolution.

Rebecca Durrant (Tax Partner, Crowe Clark Whitehill) has been a change-maker her entire adult life, she ignored the status quo very early on by choosing not to go to university and instead invested her time in working in the accountancy profession and I am happy to say she has been forging her own path ever since. Rebecca's commitment to empowering women not just within her own organisation but also young girls and young female professionals, blows me away. If I could I would march behind Rebecca at all times banging a drum, making noise and celebrating this completely inspirational business woman. I know that the accountancy profession is in good hands with Rebecca. For her, success lies in helping evolve her profession and leaving a legacy for the next generation. 

Alison Loveday (Employment & Financial Disputes Partner, Kennedys) is again a woman on a mission. Understanding that we all have a part to play in evolving our society, Alison is an active voice for those who struggle to speak up for themselves. She is one of the most prominent voices in Manchester and is committed to social and business evolution. I know all this because Alison spoke up for me when I first had the idea for High Flying Women. She introduced me to my coach and the woman who is solely responsible for my ability to stand in front of a room without suffering crippling anxiety. Almost 2 years after meeting Alison for the first time I am a completely different person and she is the one responsible for a chain of events I could never have predicted. On top of all this I just adore that Alison keeps growing herself as well - she is going for world domination guys and I personally can't wait to see her achieve this as I know she will! 

Helen Dibble (Business founder, copywriter, trainer and traveller!) is showing the next generation of entrepreneurs how it is done! She has worked hard to build a business that aligns with her love of travelling, proving that businesses can succeed with flexible structures. Helen's priority like any other business owner is to provide great value to her clients and nurture her employees, but she doesn't have to sacrifice her freedom or a part of her life that makes her happy to do so. As such, her team is granted the same level of freedom because she has built a culture of trust and inclusivity. Helen is a true millennial leader, she provides extensive support, training and mentoring to her fellow copywriting community and 100% embodies a collaborative ethos. She lives free, courageously leads, creatively earns and consciously gives back... DREAMY!

Vanessa Campbell (Global Entrepreneur & Performer) is a very dear friend of mine and now business partner, which is very exciting! Vanessa is all about empowering people to live their best lives and she went on her own personal development journey where she removed the barriers and limiting beliefs inside her own mind so that she could live free. Vanessa had a slightly unconventional path into entrepreneurship. She had a successful musical theatre performing career for over 10 years and still performs alongside teaching musical theatre now (you can catch her in Mamma Mia 2!) however she became fed up of always feeling like her future was in someone else's hands, so she made a change. She will be the first to tell you it was terrifying for her at first but now, 6 years after starting her health and wellness business, she has an international business in 4 countries. She is an absolute force to be reckoned with, an epic millennial leader and just a gorgeous human being inside and out.

And last but not least... the fabulous Moji Sobowale (Consultant family lawyer & entrepreneur). Moji has also recently become a business partner of mine and she has had such a transformative journey over the past 12 months. As a lawyer, for a long time Moji felt confined to the traditional path of a lawyer, however she quickly realised that she could not achieve her entrepreneurial ambitions and her version of success by doing it that way. I have witnessed Moji make this transition from junior lawyer into an independent business woman who has found a way of working that serves her, her clients and her long term plans to make a difference. I just adore her drive and courage to take such massive steps outside of her comfort zone so she can be free. Another millennial leader, Moji is certainly the future of the legal profession and as such, a change-maker.

We are celebrating those that do not accept the status quo and those who are actively bringing about change to their industries and society as a whole so that they can show the world we can all have our version of success.

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  • “I came to the event hoping to meet just one person who can help me going forwards and I did. What I didn’t expect was the warmth and friendly feel of the whole thing. That was great and made a real change from other things I have been to before. It felt more like a ‘network’ than a networking event – if that makes sense!”
  • “Such an excellent and inspiring idea, so great to get together with a group of women and lift one another up,” 
  • “I liked how interactive the event was and how personal it was without putting anyone on the spot,” 
  • “Brilliant. Thank you. Friendly atmosphere."
  • “Inspirational, amazing and captivating talk. It has thoroughly motivated me to achieve everything I want to this year”
  • "Seriously inspirational talk tonight, feeling empowered!"
  • "Fantastic evening thank you  - starting my morning motivated by purpose and joy, determined to #PressforProgress”